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The Wake Gauge
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The Wake Gauge is the latest innovation in wakeboarding technology and the most effective boat set-up tool since speed control.  Ever create that perfect wake and then struggle to do it again?  The Wake Gauge helps you create the perfect wake every time. 
Weight (amount & location) and boat speed determine wake size and shape.  Boat pitch and roll are key to generating the same wake shape every time.  With the Wake Gauge, once you get the wake dialed in you can store the pitch and roll of the boat.  The next time you are out, it will be a piece of cake to get the same wake, even if you have a different amount of people or gear.

The Wake Gauge measures boat pitch and roll relative to the stored value.  Hit the "Store" button when you've created the desired wake.  When you change speed, passengers or fuel level and the pitch and/or roll has changed from it's stored value, the gauge will notify you which input needs to be corrected.  It is very simple to use and intuitive. 

Standard Wake Gauge installes in 2 1/16 inch.   Windshield and Dash mounted are available for an additional fee.

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