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2008 Mastercraft X-7

2008 Mastercraft X-7
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Boat Description
Caffeine vs. Morning Air

It’s no surprise sweat is the cologne of accomplishment. And even though life may come at you pretty fast these days, discipline paves the road to success. There is no “try,” there is only doing. And the versatile X-7 is doing exceedingly well.

Exhibit A. Choose any single activity on the water, and the X-7 accomplishes it better than most specialized boats. But when you ask one boat to do everything exceptionally well, that’s more like a phenomenon.

The record speaks for itself. The X-7 is reminiscent of one of those great all-around athletes – with an overachieving hull approved for all five competitive events. Not to mention some unofficial competitive events like looking good and being the life of the party.

Let the games begin.



Boat Weight
2,920 Lbs.

7 Persons or 978 Lbs.

Fuel Capacity
28 Gallons
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Boat Specifications
Length 19.75
Weight 2920
Beam 91