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3.5", 5" or External Gauges available for all models but Cruise.  Face colors available are black and white.  Bezel colors are chrome and black.

Perfect Pass Stargazer Wake Edition
- This is the most popular version of Perfect Pass right now. This revolutionary system uses GPS to hold speed at a never before seen accuracy.  This system is by far the easiest to install and accounts for 95% of all Perfect Pass sales we have at OnlyInboards.  This system will work great for wakeboarding, surfing and waterskiing.

The same pull and benefits enjoyed by the Pro Riders for years is now available to families and riders just like you! Driving made easy and a pull designed to enhance your riding is what the Wake Edition is all about. Accurately driving today’s wakeboard and stern drive boats at slow speeds is a challenge if not a superhuman task for the best of drivers. With Stargazer Perfect Pass, you simply pre-select the speed on the In-Dash Display, pull up the rider normally and when the boat speed reaches the set speed Perfect Pass takes over. It’s that simple!

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Perfect Pass Wakeboard Pro - World Class water sports performance is yours with the incredibly user-friendly Wakeboard Pro System from PerfectPass.  Wakeboard Pro is paddle wheel based (vs. GPS based on Stargazer Models).  It does require the install of a thru hull paddle wheel in your boat which may require drilling into the hull.  This system is best if you ride in a river or other body of water with current.

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Perfect Pass Stargazer 3 Event - Star Gazer is the next generation of the legendary DigitalPro platform. All new circuitry anchored by an extremely fast Arm 7 Processor combined with GPS Speed Correction delivers an unparalled skiing and driving experience.

No other project in the history of Perfect Pass Speed Control has consumed as much engineering resources as Star Gazer. The goal from the outset was to stay with our RPM Based Slalom Mode simply because it is a smoother, far more forgiving pull than a pure speed based process. The challenge was to make it “smarter” so the driver could simply set the speed and go while the skier enjoyed the same familiar pull.

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Perfect Pass Digital Pro - This is the older 3 event system for waterskiing that is paddle wheel driven, not GPS driven.

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Perfect Pass Cruise - This recreational product is aimed at the novice slalom skier, wakeboarder, and general water sport enthusiast. PerfectPass Cruise features the same great RPM based pull and quality hardware as the Pro version in a very simple, inexpensive package. The attractive two inch In-Dash Switch works like an automotive unit with On/Off, Resume, and Increase/Decrease functions. There is even an LED indicator light. This system is RPM based only, meaning it does not account for the speed of the boat since the system doesn't have a speed input. It only has the engine rpm. So, you set the rpm level and the system will hold the rpm steady. It will not adjust rpm for rider pull, turning, chop or any other reason.

Purchase Cruise - please contact us about the Cruise system.  It is an RPM based system that is generally not recommended for anything but the most recreational watersports.



Speed Control Systems for Wakeboard and Ski Boats

Not only is the Perfect Pass speed control system ideal for inboard ski and wakeboard boats, but it can also be installed easily on IO boats as well such as Bayliner, Chapparral, Crownline and more.  Stargazer Wake Edition works great on Mercruiser, Volvo and other I/O motors. 

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