MB Sports Bimini Tops

MB Sports Bimini Tops

In just two quick decades, MB Sports has grown from a small, family-run business to a world renowned brand that provides high-quality boats and accessories to people who love the water. Whether you are simply looking for a relaxing cruise or are a wakeboarding enthusiast looking for high performance, this is a name to know. When it comes to improving your experience with quality shade, adding an MB Sports Bimini top to your boat will give you the comfort you seek. Relax in style every day with a great looking boat sun shade that will match your boat and taste.

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We offer Bimini tops for most MB Sports models. You may have an older MB with a Skylon tower, and we do have a pattern for this boat, just contact us or email us a picture of your boat and we’ll see if we can find the perfect bimini boat sun shade top for your MB Sports boat. With our great selection of options, you can easily upgrade your boat with a new MB Sports Bimini top. Choose from many different colors and designs to get the look you want, from solid colors to one or two stripes in several styles. 

Whether you need an entire frame or just a replacement canvas, we can help you get the high-quality MB Sports parts you need for your boat sun shades. Our full package includes an MB Sports Bimini top frame in durable aluminum or even stronger steel, as well as a canvas top that will provide quality shade and a great look for your boat. Ordering just the canvas is possible for when you want a new look for your boat, saving you money from having to order an entire new kit. Keep in mind that this option comes without fittings or other hardware, so it should be used when you already have your frame installed.

Browse our selection of high-quality equipment and find the perfect boat sun shade top for your boat in no time. We will help you find the right match for your boat so you can get a great style that will make your boat stand out and impress while also providing you with the shade you need to be totally comfortable while out for a cruise.