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Universal Tower Bimini Tops & Deck Mounted Biminis

A universal Bimini top can truly save your day on the water. From avoiding sunburn to just welcoming a bit of shade, this item is a great addition to any boat. With multiple types and styles available, the right boat top can also add to the character and value of your boat. Browse our universal bimini tops right here at OnlyInboards.com. 

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OnlyInboards knows that nothing is better than being out of the water, except perhaps being able to be out on the water and still enjoy the luxury of shade. Universal Bimini tops will also be a blessing if it starts to rain while you’re out on the water. No longer will unwelcome precipitation pester you and your riders, instead you can rest in the cover of your boat shade cover and continue to enjoy the day. 

This item is a tasteful and attractive sunbrella that stretches over your boat, secured with quality, high-density nylon, and 100% acrylic material resistant to ultraviolet rays and dyed with vibrant, fade-proof colors. Other specialty boat shade covers might also include a storage rack for your gear or other custom fittings. 

The most important thing with any universal bimini top, however, is to make sure that you are getting the right size and fit for your boat. You will first need to measure the width of your boat from one mounting point to the other to determine the width of the Bimini top. After that, you will need to find the pivotal or center mounting point, and then order a top boat shade cover in the nearest possible range to your measurements. Be sure to read the specifications on whichever individual mount you order as well, as these are just general guidelines. 

All of the universal Bimini tops are delivered with clear installation instructions and are designed to be as easy to install as possible. OnlyInboards ensures the highest quality of products by offering boat shade covers from the leading brands in the industry, including Westland, Monster, Roswell, Big Air, and many others. Finding the right universal Bimini top and making it part of your boat should be as easy as enjoying some shade on the open water.