LED Rings and Speaker Lights

LED Rings and Speaker Lights

Improve the functionality of your boat when you install brand new marine LED rings and speaker lights. You can add a new style and decor to your boat. From cup holders to illuminated marine speakers, you can light up any important feature of your boat to draw attention to it. These LED speaker lights will help your boat look good every single night. We also have powerful underwater lights that will help you get the look you want with ease. 


Our underwater LED lighting options feature low power consumption, reaching a max of 50,000 hours of life and a high luminous efficiency. The casings you put on the underwater lights are tested in salt, fresh, and brackish water. All of our LED rings and speaker lights are completely waterproof, energy saving and environmentally friendly. Our products are designed with the highest quality LEDs and acrylics and our speaker rings have the highest density available today. The LED rings and speaker lights are easily mounted, fully out of the way and take up little to no space.

Our LED rings are available with included cup holders that are easy to install, allowing you to modify your boat to your exact specifications. You can get the features you want in no time at all! When it comes to LED speaker lights, many different options are available, so take the time to compare our products to your equipment to ensure a proper fit for maximum performance. They will help protect your speakers while lighting them up to provide a great look for your boat!

Adding a few LED speaker lights to your boat is a great way to improve its style. You can easily make your boat stand out from the crowd with a unique look using our large variety of LED rings and speaker lights. These marine lighting fixtures are easy to install and come in many different colors, allowing you to get the exact setup for your boat that you are after.