Ski Boat Pylons

Ski Boat Pylons

Whether you’re a barefoot skier, assisting new wake boarders learning to stand, or just looking to gain more air in your wakeboarding tricks, boat pylons and booms are the best options for your boat. At OnlyInboards, a wide array of boat ski poles and booms are available at low and fair priced rates. 


Water ski pylons, offered in varying sizes, attach solidly to your boat for a safe and secure ride. Some boat ski poles, such as the Big Air boat pylon, are even able to be attached out of the way of the playpen so that you are not forced to give up seating space for the pylon. Once the pylon is attached, quickly and easily, it becomes immediately useful. 

Increase the altitude and distance of your wake jumps, perform tricks with greater ease, and make easier starts. Water ski pylons even help with training new skiers and wake boarders by making it easier for them to get up on the board. They are also a useful tool for barefoot skiers, who benefit from both the long line capabilities for forward and backward skiing and the upward pull created by the height of the pylon. 

The boat pylons offered by OnlyInboards are designed with quick raising and lowering capabilities for ease of use, are made of aircraft grade aluminum to guarantee strength and longevity, and require no existing pylon to install. 

Boat booms are of equally high-quality and are similarly useful. With booms designed to be fitted to tubular towers, v-drive boats, and direct drive inboard ski boats, there is a boom for all types. Like boat ski poles, booms can be used for barefoot skiing, training first-time wake boarders, and more. Water ski pylons and booms are useful attachments to have on any boat, especially if you are competing in tournaments (because they make performing larger, more impressive tricks so much easier). 

The water ski pylons and booms are tested and guaranteed to be safe for both children and adults. OnlyInboards partners with multiple quality brand names, including Big Air, Fly High, and Barefoot, to bring you the best and most diverse selection of boat pylons and booms available.