Kneeboard Rack

Strapping your kneeboards to a solid rack is the safest and most secure method of transporting them with ease. OnlyInboards offers wakeboard kneeboard racks that are equipped with strong reinforcements that hold your board safely throughout the entire boat ride. 


Kneeboards are a great tool for wakeboarding beginners to learn the sport. It may seem counterintuitive, but surfing on your knees is safer and easier to pick up than standing wakeboarding, and is a recommended precursor for those just learning to wakeboard. While the beginner gets the hang of balancing on the water and surfing the wake, keeping a low center of gravity on the knees and having a smaller amount of body surface to be affected by wind resistance both contribute to making kneeboard surfing easier than standard wakeboarding. 

One of the biggest advantages of kneeboards is that, assuming you do not make any sudden movements, you will not fall into the water, even after you let go of the rope. Of course, not all knee-boarders are beginners. This is a sport in its own right, with its own set of rules and different types of boards. Some riders prefer the trick board while others prefer a slalom board. In either case, the proper kneeboard rack is necessary to get the preferred board type to the location.

Trick kneeboards, as one might guess, are designed for performing stunts and participating in competitions. Slalom kneeboards, on the other hand, are designed for high-speed comfort and endurance, cut with sharp edges to turn on a dime and easily follow the boat. Whether you’re new to the sport, riding a trick board or riding a slalom, you will be able to find the right rack. 

These wakeboard kneeboard racks are made of billet aluminum, come with a bungee cord for a secure fit to your boat, have soft rubber inserts to firmly grip your board and prevent sliding, and are fitted with adjustable vertical/horizontal mounts. OnlyInboards even sells wakeboard kneeboard racks with thick rubber bumpers to protect your boat from scratches, making the kneeboard rack the perfect addition for both your boat and your future knee-boarding adventures.