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For those who are out on the water late and want to keep the good times rolling, a boat speaker-light combo is the obvious upgrade choice. These tower speakers with lights are top of the line boat additions that come in many different styles with an array of different features so that all boaters can find the right fit for their tastes and needs. 

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Depending on what you are looking for, different numbers of light/speaker combinations are available, and some boat speakers with lights even rotate to provide either sound or light as needed. Before ordering, it is important to figure out what you want from your lights, what you want from your speakers, and how they will interact together. It might be integral for instance, that your lights consume as little power as possible, and you may be willing to sacrifice some level of brightness to purchase 6-watt, low consumption lights. 

Alternatively, you may wish to light up the night with style and flair, and the idea of a 55-watt light on the reverse side of a powerful speaker might be very appealing. Further, it might be your style to opt for a colored light that can flash in 20 different pattern variations in time with the beat of the music. Choosing a speaker variation is fairly easy; it all comes down to size, sound capability, and number of speakers. Many boat speaker-light combo bars come with just two speakers, but it is easy to upgrade depending on how much power you would like the speakers to consume. 

For instance, choosing a larger woofer or subwoofer might consume more energy, but it will also add more dimension to your music. You can also select your speakers by impedance, power handling, sensitivity, frequency response, and much more. 

After all of the technical details are worked out, it becomes just a matter of personal taste. Boat speaker-light combo bars and towers come in a variety of sizes and styles, and most of them are pre-wired for easy installation. At OnlyInboards, an array of boat speakers with lights is available to surround your party with quality sound and light your boat well into the night.