Wakeboard Tower Mirrors

Wakeboard Tower Mirrors

Safety is of vital importance on any boating trip, and one of the simplest and best ways to ensure the safety of yourself and your riders is to install a wakeboard tower mirror. Attaching easily to the side of your wakeboard tower at any height, a fully adjustable rear view boat mirror allows you to get a full view of the entire playpen and rider without stepping away from the helm.

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For additional visibility, add an extended arm so that your wakeboard tower mirror is not limited to the range and visibility of a dashboard. These boat tower mirrors allow you to eliminate the irritating dashboard view and elect for greater range of visibility in an out-of-the-way location, off to the side of the helm. 

OnlyInboards offers tournament grade wakeboard boat mirrors, adjustable aluminum arms designed to fit any size tower, and easily adjustable, asymmetrical design for the widest possible viewing angle. With this simple, affordable, and easily installed addition on board, you will be able to keep your rider in sight at all times, so that you will see if and when they fall, and know exactly when to cut the engine. This is a far better option than using the standard items or the windshield to survey your rider, as it offers much more accurate visibility and tracking.

For an equally expansive view without having to attach anything to your tower, OnlyInboards also offers edge mounted windshield looking glasses that attach directly to the windshield frame. Using the strength of carbon fiber to attach securely to the windshield frame, these items feature HD Panoramic technology that allows you to have a full view of everything behind you, keeping a sharp eye on both your rider and your playpen. 

For those that seek greater customization in their visual field, there are also wakeboard tower mirrors, such as the Samson Xtreme 3 lens options, which include separately adjustable lenses, allowing you to view multiple areas at once. There are even options for those who care about style as much as safety; the Airboom Flame product’s stand-out shape and highly polished surface are sure to catch the eyes of all your friends and riders. No matter what your personal tastes may be, the unavoidable fact is that safety is key, and it can be achieved with wakeboard tower mirrors.