Increase the number of potential buyers that see your boat for sale by signing up for a social media promotion.  We have several options you can choose from.  We will post your boat to our OnlyInboards Facebook Page, Instagram Page and Twitter Feed.  If you choose a boosted post, then we will also create an ad that will run on Facebook and Twitter for your boat specifically.  This will be a Facebook and Instagram Promoted post featuring ONLY your boat.

You will see the options below.  The $20.00 base option will get you a social media post on all of our social media pages.  If you select the higher boost, for example the $35.00 option, then we will post to all of our social media pages as before, but we will also create a separate promoted post on Facebook and Instagram and spend $20.00 in advertising promoting just your boat.  So if you chose the $85 option we would spend $70.00 promoting your post. 

Please see and choose from the options below.  Ad view are approximate depending on time of year, etc.  Ad views refer to the number of times your promoted post on social media will be viewed on social media.

No Boost – $20.00 – Post to OnlyInboards Social Media Accounts only 
Boost $35.00 – Approximatedly 10,000 views on Promoted Post
Boost $45.00 – Approximatedly 20,000 views on Promoted Post
Boost $55.00 – Approximatedly 30,000 views on Promoted Post
Boost $65.00 – Approximatedly 40,000 views on Promoted Post
Boost $85.00 – Approximatedly 60,000 views on Promoted Post