Q. I primarily use my boat for Wakeboarding, but we do some open water skiing and Wakesurfing. Which system is right for me?

A. The new Star Gazer-Wake Edition does it all. The Wakeboard Mode will allow you to set an operating speed as low as 9 mph right up through 30 mph. If Slalom is your passion, the new Slalom Mode is rpm based so it is smooth but is corrected via the GPS for accuracy.

Q. I have an inboard/outboard boat (Stern Drive) which we use primarily for wakeboarding. Which system is best?

A. Once again, the Star Gazer-Wake Edition is the choice. The best control for wakeboarding is from a speed based process and the GPS based Star Gazer is accurate to 1/10th mph at all speeds and never requires calibration. Even when you use the power trim the system will correct within a fraction of a second.

Q. We have an inboard ski boat and course skiing is all we do. We do not have magnets on our course, which system should we consider?

A. The Star Gazer-Three Event comes with the Magnet Sensor so if you have magnets in your course you will have fully automatic timing. (Only two magnets are required)
If you do not wish to install the magnets and timing is not important, the Star Gazer-Wake Edition has a very effective Slalom Mode.

Q. I have a stern drive boat with a 5.7L Mercruiser we use primarily for wakeboarding, can I get the basic RPM Cruise.

A. This system is not recommended for wakeboarding as it is only designed to hold an RPM value. As the boat comes on to “plane” or you use the trim, the boat speed will change even though the RPM’s are being held steady.
The RPM Cruise is designed primarily for open water slalom and recreational wakeboarding on inboard ski boats.

Q. Cruise is so much less expensive, why would I go with any of the more expensive options?

A. Cruise is an RPM based system only. It does not register your speed in any way. Therefore the system does not take speed into account when it is engaged. It will only hold the engine rpm steady. During turns, in chop, with wind or even with rider pull the amount of throttle needed to hold the speed constant can and will change. Cruise will not account for these changes.

Q. I have an older PerfectPass System, can I upgrade to Star Gazer?

A. Yes, any PerfectPass can be upgraded. You will need a new Master Module & GPS Receiver. If your Dash Display is more than four years old, you will require a new Multi Line Display Gauge.

Q. Which system should I go with if I usually boat in a river or body of water with current?

A. If you consistently are in a river or body of water with current, then we recommend Wakeboard Pro or Digital Pro, which are paddle wheel based systems. The GPS based systems will not be able to compensate for the speed of the current so you would have to change the speed when switching from upstream to downstream and vice versa.

Q. I have an older boat with carburetor, is this boat compatible?

A. Absolutely, PerfectPass was invented on this type of engine. In fact, the cable connection is identical to a fuel injected mechanical engine.

Q. What if I buy the system and am not happy with it?

A. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If not satisfied in the first 30 days, you can send it back for a full product refund.

Q. Can I install it myself?

A. Yes. Almost all of our customers install this system themselves. Figure between 90 minutes to 3 hours for install depending on which version of Perfect Pass you want.