When it comes to protecting your property and the people around you, it is important to know the right questions to ask. This especially rings true when it comes to the safety of yourself and the passengers on your boat. As it is when buying insurance for any type of asset, it is difficult to gauge what kind of insurance to buy. Here are some questions you should ask before making that decision.
Do they offer salvage assistance? Unfortunately, this situation can happen to almost anyone. Whether your boat ends up underwater or in someone else’s yard, most often due to unforeseeable events by Mother Nature, it is important to know who will be covering the costs to retrieve your boat. Since this type of coverage usually requires an additional premium, not everyone sees the necessity in salvage assistance, so it is up to you to determine if this is something you must have.
Does my insurance cover liability claims? Most policies do include liability coverage, but it is essential to know for sure. Since liability insurance covers events such as property damage, injury to others, lawsuits, and other unfortunate incidents like fuel spills, this will protect you from potential legal issues. You should also be sure to make sure this type of coverage includes water sports liability, in which any bodily injury or property damage will be covered in the event of an accident while water skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing.
Does my policy include consequential damage coverage? According to the Boat Owners Association of the United States, a good boating insurance carrier will provide “consequential damage” in your coverage. This type of coverage will protect you from catastrophic events like fire, sinking, explosion, collision, or stranding.
Are my personal possessions covered? Since recreational boaters are likely to have items like water skis, wetsuits, or fishing equipment onboard, it is important to have personal property coverage to these items in the event they are damaged or lost.
It is always beneficial to shop around and ask other boaters what insurance carriers they suggest. By looking into several options, you can prevent potential hassles in the future.
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