2001 Centurion Elite

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  • Make Centurion Boats
  • Model Elite
  • Drive Type Others
  • Length 21
  • Year 2001
  • Stock id 167414
  • Engine 5.7
  • Engine Hours 265
  • Saltwater Ready No
  • Location Brookfeild, Connecticut, 06804

“General Description:
The Centurion Elite is a type of wakeboarding and water sports boat known for its performance, versatility, and ability to create ideal conditions for various water sports activities. Here are some general features and characteristics associated with the Centurion Elite series:

Hull Design: Centurion boats, including the Elite series, are typically known for their deep-V hull designs. This design is well-suited for creating consistent and high-quality wakes for wakeboarding and other water sports.

Size and Capacity: The specific size and seating capacity of the 2001 Centurion Elite may vary, but these boats are often designed to comfortably accommodate a group of passengers. They can range from around 20 to 24 feet in length.

Engine: Centurion boats are often equipped with powerful engines, typically inboard engines, which provide the necessary power and torque for water sports activities. The 2001 Centurion Elite may feature various engine options, depending on the exact model and trim.

Ballast System: Many wakeboarding boats, including the Centurion Elite, are equipped with ballast systems that allow users to adjust the weight distribution within the boat to create larger, more consistent wakes for activities like wakeboarding and surfing.

Tower and Wake Enhancements: Wakeboard towers are often a standard feature in Centurion Elite models. These towers are used for attaching tow ropes and can include additional features like board racks and speakers. Wake-enhancing technologies are typically integrated into the design to create optimal conditions for wakeboarding and other sports.

Comfort and Amenities: Centurion boats are designed with passenger comfort in mind. They often feature comfortable seating, audio systems, and other amenities to enhance the overall boating experience.

Construction and Build Quality: Centurion boats are known for their durable construction and quality craftsmanship, which contributes to their longevity and value.

Interior Layout: The interior layout may include seating arrangements, storage compartments, and additional features depending on the specific model and trim.

Color and Graphics: The exterior color scheme and graphics can vary by model and personal customization options.”

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