Reviews and Testimonials

Below is a compiled list of reviews and testimonials for the OnlyInboards website over many years.  You will find reviews for accessory sales as well as boat sales.  We have over 200 inboard dealers that use OnlyInboards to help them sell their inventory.  We have also helped tens of thousands of private sellers find a buyer since we started the site in 2007.

Sold quickly

July 13, 2024

Thank you to for the exposure which helped sell my boat within a few weeks

David Carlson


July 9, 2024



July 1, 2024

Boat is sold

Rob Carr

Great site for inboard sales

June 26, 2024

Appreciate your attention to detail and pricing. BT generated way too many scam buyers.

Mike Harris


June 22, 2024

Dean Corrigan


June 21, 2024


Eric Patterson


June 20, 2024

Eliot Sprague


June 20, 2024


Sold! We have new inventory in Stock

June 11, 2024


Great Customer Service

June 6, 2024

Hello Ian! My boat sold as of today. Would you mind pulling it down. Thank you very much. Look forward to advertising with you with my next boat. Your customer service has been outstanding.

C. Patterson


June 4, 2024



Boat is sold

May 24, 2024

Matthew Graham


May 18, 2024



Great Sale

May 18, 2024

Great sale with excellent buyer.


May 16, 2024

Thanks for the quick adds and sale

Karl Prado


May 15, 2024

Kent OBrien

Sold quick

May 15, 2024

sold for near asking price!

Ryan Farage


May 12, 2024

First person that came to see the boat, bought it.

Kurt Abendschein


May 9, 2024

Ethan Churchill

SOLD! Went to a good home

April 29, 2024

Could not be happier with Onlyinboards advertising. Great buyer and smooth transaction.

Marc Dulaney

Sold my boat

April 28, 2024

Easy site to use and bought and sold my boat here

Baron Adams


April 25, 2024

Peter Fontana

2008 Malibu 247 LSV

April 25, 2024

Porter Brown

mastercraft x30

April 24, 2024

No Title

April 23, 2024

Thank you!



April 22, 2024


Sold My Mastercraft

April 20, 2024

With the help of your site I was able to sell my 1991 Mastercraft Barefoot 200. If the ad has not expired, it can be removed. Thanks for allowing me to put my “outboard” on the site and thanks for the exposure that your site offered.

S. Woroniec

G23 Paragon Sold

April 2, 2024

I wanted to let you know that my boat ended up selling, and a buyer found my ad on your website in December. The boat sold last week for $225K (full price). It was a 2021 G23 Paragon. Thank you!

J. Demers

Sold Supra SA 400

March 20, 2024

Appreciate the assistance to market the boat for sale.

R. Cox

Easy, mint boat

March 13, 2024

I worked with Brandon at Mountain Wave, i purchased this boat from out of state with concern. Brandon was able to provide a frictionless process with supporting documentation and transparent communication with the needs and next steps. It was actually enjoyable.

Sold 236

March 10, 2024

Great website


Always a smooth process

March 7, 2024

The sales process is always smooth through OI! Thanks again!


No Title

January 30, 2024

Great site, easy to navigate, lots of exposure!

R. Unterberger, MarineMax

No Title

January 3, 2024

Got his one done with the help of our ad on this site!!!! Thanks!

S. Sligar, MarineMax

No Title

December 12, 2023

Great web site….

J. Halland

No Title

December 7, 2023

It took a little while but one good lead came through. 10/10

M. Laurino

No Title

November 19, 2023

Great exposure site for quality boats. Easy to use 10/10

B. Lafky

No Title

October 31, 2023

Sold my boat thru, highly recommend.

S. Zepp

No Title

October 22, 2023

Sold quickly thanks to Only Inboards! Thank you!

R. Lewis

No Title

October 18, 2023

You guys are awesome!

M. Harbert

No Title

October 17, 2023

Sold our boat in under three weeks! Excellent website to help you with your sale. Thank you!

H. Gustafson

No Title

October 11, 2023

I have sold 2 boats through using Its easy to setup a listing and get people to see what you have for sale across the whole country. I wish they had an easier way to upload more photos all at once but other than that I always post a listing on here every time I need to sell a boat.

J. Lockie

No Title

September 28, 2023

Great website for buying or selling!

M. Jackson

No Title

September 27, 2023

Sold the boat through the website. Thank you!

C. Sellers

No Title

September 25, 2023

Absolutely great site and great service. I had people contact from all over the USA about the boat

T. Buchholz

No Title

September 21, 2023

New owner found it from a Facebook feed initiated from!

C. Dickenson

No Title

September 10, 2023

Thanks for your help in selling the boat!

C. Marques

No Title

September 9, 2023

Helped getting exposure to out-of-state buyers

R. Ivie

No Title

September 8, 2023

Only inboards hooked me up with the market looking for a boat like mine. Sold quickly

R. Pedersen

No Title

September 5, 2023

Allowed me to directly interact with the buyer and I was not contacted by a potential scanner or dealer trying to sell my boat once, that was a relief!

D. Billingsley