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So you’re contemplating owning a Skier’s Choice boat (Supra or Moomba boat line). Congratulations! Owning a Supra or Moomba boat is an achievement for true water sports fans. Skier’s Choice boats are incredibly popular for their luxury performance features and versatility. 

You’ll find different models of these boats that are sure to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customer. But which boat is perfect for your unique taste? We’ll help you navigate the decision-making process In this article: determining which Supra or Moomba boat is best for you. 

You’ll find much-needed information on everything in this boat buying guide, from their primary functions to performance specifications, and other considerations. 

Skier’s Choice Boats Brief History

Skier’s Choice is the proud manufacturer of the Supra and Moomba boat line with a long history that started in 1981. The company is located in Tennessee, Maryville, the center of boating in the country.

Skier’s Choice was once known as American Skier Boats. It was originally a tournament-only boat business founded by Ken Elkind of North Miami Beach, Florida in 1975. The company was one of the original AWSA tournament-only boat firms. 

As of today, Skier’s Choice offers Supra SV, SA, SL, and SE, as well as Moomba Mondo, Max, Tykon, Kaiyen, Craz, Mojo, and Makai models. These are high-value, class-leading innovation, and industry-leading boats to have.

They all offer an indulgent customer experience with every feature, component, and even the interior stitching precision-engineered to enhance the boating experience.

Skier’s Choice Design philosophy and aesthetic

Supra boats often have a more luxurious and contemporary design compared to the more traditional Moomba boats. Thus, the ultimate deciding factor when choosing between the two lines is one’s personal preference of the boat’s design. However, both models offer the best of all worlds, in terms of:

1. Performance characteristics

There is an extensive range of engines and power options to choose from in both Supra and Mooba boat lineups. In addition, their wake profiles are customizable, granting you a world of flexibility as you go wakeboarding and surfing. 

With the added advantage of being relatively easy to operate, these boats are the epitome of high-end handling and mobility.

2. Interior design and amenities:

Supra boats offer a range of seating configurations, allowing you to choose the right layout for your needs. Storage compartments and cargo space are also important considerations, as are the sound system and entertainment features.

3. Technology and innovation:

Every Supra boat comes ready with its own advanced navigation and instrumentation systems, ballast systems, and wake-shaping technology. The driver-assist feature in the boats also works to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for all passengers.

Exploring Moomba Models

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  • Moomba Mondo: Looking for a compact yet efficient boat? The Mondo is your perfect sidekick, suitable for smaller lakes. With this boat, you get 3,700 lbs of standard ballast, capable of producing pushy waves and crisp wakes. With a 20 feet length, it is ideal for a crew of up to 13 people.
  • Moomba Max: For those who love spacious boats, the Moomba Max packs a length of 22′ 6″ with a seating capacity of 17. The Max also delivers the exceptional wakes and waves of the other. It comes with several premium features, making it a versatile choice for different water activities.
  • Moomba Tykon: The Tykon is a larger boat, measuring 24′ in length and offering 4,500 lbs of standard ballast. It provides a smooth riding experience and has a seating capacity of 18.
  • Moomba Kaiyen: This boat is 21.5’ long, and is known for delivering some of the best wakes and waves. It can accommodate up to 15 people and has many premium features available. Also, the Kaiyen is perfect for any water sports activity.
  • Moomba Craz: Great size and cross-over performance make the Craz a popular model among Moomba fans. It is 22’ in length and comes with 4,500 lbs of standard ballast, offering an excellent riding experience.
  • Moomba Mojo: It is a real beast: 23′ long and has 4,000 lbs of standard ballast. This boat has enough onboard space for 17 guests; in other words, the party is still on once you go out on the water via this vessel.
  • Moomba Makai: The longest boat in our lineup measuring 24′ 5‘ and 4,700 lbs of standard ballast. It has extremely pushy wakes and would be perfect for larger lakes or large crews that require extra capacity and space.

Exploring Supra Models

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  • Supra SV: This 21′ 10″ compact powerhouse can generate pushy waves and crisp wakes. It includes 3,800 lbs of sub-floor ballast, making it ideal for smaller lakes or small crews.
  • Supra SA: If you’re looking for a proper wakeboard boat, this boat is the official towboat of the Pro Wakeboard Tour with a length of 22′ 5″. Since it is a wake-centric boat, it is designed with exceptional wake and surf performance. It has a seating capacity of 16 and is available in different engine specs: Raptor 400, 450, or 575 engine.
  • Supra SL: SL is a true powerhouse. It spans out at 23’5″ in length with an impressive 4,000 lbs. of sub-floor ballast. Like its counterparts, you’ll get crisp wakes with this boat. And with enough onboard space for 17 passengers, the party goes on..
  • Supra SE: As the largest boat in the lineup, the SE has a length of 24′ 5″ and a whopping 4,700 lbs of sub-floor ballast. It produces extremely pushy waves and is ideal for larger lakes or large crews that need additional capacity and space.

Selecting the Right Boat for You on Onlyinboards

Interested in value and balance of performance and cost? Go for Moomba boats. Looking for luxury and performance? Then you’ll find that Supra boats embody the perfect mix of both worlds. 

This is not to say that one boat brand is better than the other – they just prioritize different aspects that might be of interest to water sports enthusiasts. So it’s important to do your own research and find out which features are known for this perfectly balanced mix. 

Whatever your desired features, you will find a tonne of Supra and Moomba boats for sale on Onlyinboards. Browse throug of new and used boats to see what tickles your fancy.


In this guide, we’ve explored the features, performance capabilities and considerations to keep in mind to choose the best of Skier’s Choice boats. But you don’t need to stop there. You can find the best deals on Onlyinboards by browsing our vast selection of the best Supra Boats for Sale and Moomba boats for Sale…and at a great price point too.

So when you’ve considered your needs and preferences in a boat, rest assured that you’ll be able to choose the perfect boat for your watersports adventures.